Hostgator & cPanel


Hostgator utilizes cPanel, a graphical web-based control panel that helps users quickly and easily manage their websites and hosting accounts based on a three tier structure. Each tier is based on the user’s needs for cPanel and is different for administrators, resellers and end-user website owners (the three tiers). cPanel supports applications that run off Apache, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Perl and BIND (DNS). Email based support includes POP3, IMAP, and SMTP.

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So why does Hostgator trust and utilize cPanel for all of its Web Hosting customers? Could there possibly be no other competitors out there? If so, then there isn’t any other choice but if there are, why does cPanel rise up above and stand in front of the rest?

cPanel has grown to become the standard for control panel’s worldwide, and have many reasons that they are. The primary reason though is the ease of use, and their ability to make a complex task of Web Site management, as simplified as possible. There is still usually a learning curve for first-time users or first-time website owners/managers, but cPanel offers built in video tutorials, and a getting started wizard to help minimize this learning curve as best it can; however, the learning and implementation is up to you!

I happened to come across a review of cPanel from a user who has extensive experience (seven+ years) with cPanel that was posted way back in 2011! For it to come up as a top search result on Google after three years, speaks volumes, first and foremost. What helps the validity of this user’s review is that he or she also has experience with other highly rated control panel alternatives to cPanel such as Plesk, Webmin, Ensim, and H-Sphere.

The user mentions that over his/her seven year usage of cPanel it has actually grown and gotten better over time. This is one of the most desirable things for any user of a product/service, increased functionality, usability and enhanced ease of use.

Now let’s return back to the juicy stuff. Anyone, yes, even you, can access cPanel via a live free demo, and get familiar with the Control Panel before you ever make a purchase. Since it is a demo, very little of what you actually do on the demo will go live, or change, but that isn’t the point. The point is to allow you to get a feel for the panel, its look, its functionality and begin chopping away at that learning curve.

As I mentioned above, each page, comes with a video tutorial along the top, to show you how to utilize the specific feature you’re in; even something as simple as chaning your password or updating your contact information comes with a video tutorial (yes, I looked at them all). There are the occasional pages that take you to the demo’s version of a non-accessible page.

Overall, cPanel’s ease of use for beginners, to unrestricted customization for advanced users, coupled with their support tools such as the video tutorial, makes them the best choice to fulfill Hostgator customers’ prerequisites of a control panel. Especially if you take into account the number of users who lack the expertise of Website Management, and need the knowledge and help, to reach a level of sufficiency themselves.

The Best Hostgator Discounts on the Web


Hostgator is one of the best hosting sites on the web in the current world due to the versatility of the prices they offer for their hosting services. It is best done when purchasing with a Hostgator discount coupon code.  It is the main provider of the hosting services and flexible hosting plans for more than 100 countries all over the world. It is also the one of the companies that offers the best prices in the hosting industry as compared to other businesses’ offering the same services.

The most notable services offered by Host gator is baby, Hatchling and business services. The good thing with these services is that these are upgradeable depending on your requirements and business needs. It is also worth to note that Hostgator offers the Virtual Hosting services. There are also other options of resellers plans, windows hosting, application and also an affiliate program.

Hostgator offers affordable and flexible prices.  You will be able to choose from wide array of services it offers. One of these reasonable priced services is the hosting platforms, that either run on Linux or windows for the dedicated servers. When you consider the hosting services that are shared, only one domain will be provided and a defined FTP with no add on domains for your services. In most cases, the people who use this are for blogging purposes. On the other hand, the business and baby plans have more domains. It is only the business plans that will provide you with the anonymous FTP.

The 12000 servers of the Hostgator are very safe and secure for its kind of the backup system. It is also secured by a fire detection system. There is an on-site staff monitoring system, which is done round the clock system. The service updates are also provided instantly through feeds.

These services are made at an inexpensive cost, for instance, just restoring the backup will cost you about $15. It is also free, only when you have the backup file. The biggest advantage is that it is in-collaboration with other big companies such as Cisco, Dell and AT & T. You perfectly deserve the best offer for your specific needs.

The only way to enjoy these services at best is by the purchasing the Hostgator coupon codes, which have a special price attached to the cost. This is what makes the Hostgator the best option for you.

The other benefit of using the Hostgator and purchasing its Hostgator coupon is that you can enjoy the support services such as a 24/7 chat phone support, an email and a FAQ section. As a  client, you have the full access to the self service system that allows you to bill the support for upgrading the system. You can also interact with the user forums. Also, the configuration of the control panel is different from the login details to the Hostgator site ensuring a double leveled security.

The host gators coupon is the best innovation that makes the Hostgator a world’s best web hosting service company. All the services are available all in one site with 24/7 support. It is one of the most dedicated services specially designed for the server businesses and it is very difficult to compare with any other company on the World Wide Web systems.