Hostgator & cPanel


Hostgator utilizes cPanel, a graphical web-based control panel that helps users quickly and easily manage their websites and hosting accounts based on a three tier structure. Each tier is based on the user’s needs for cPanel and is different for administrators, resellers and end-user website owners (the three tiers). cPanel supports applications that run off Apache, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Perl and BIND (DNS). Email based support includes POP3, IMAP, and SMTP.

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So why does Hostgator trust and utilize cPanel for all of its Web Hosting customers? Could there possibly be no other competitors out there? If so, then there isn’t any other choice but if there are, why does cPanel rise up above and stand in front of the rest?

cPanel has grown to become the standard for control panel’s worldwide, and have many reasons that they are. The primary reason though is the ease of use, and their ability to make a complex task of Web Site management, as simplified as possible. There is still usually a learning curve for first-time users or first-time website owners/managers, but cPanel offers built in video tutorials, and a getting started wizard to help minimize this learning curve as best it can; however, the learning and implementation is up to you!

I happened to come across a review of cPanel from a user who has extensive experience (seven+ years) with cPanel that was posted way back in 2011! For it to come up as a top search result on Google after three years, speaks volumes, first and foremost. What helps the validity of this user’s review is that he or she also has experience with other highly rated control panel alternatives to cPanel such as Plesk, Webmin, Ensim, and H-Sphere.

The user mentions that over his/her seven year usage of cPanel it has actually grown and gotten better over time. This is one of the most desirable things for any user of a product/service, increased functionality, usability and enhanced ease of use.

Now let’s return back to the juicy stuff. Anyone, yes, even you, can access cPanel via a live free demo, and get familiar with the Control Panel before you ever make a purchase. Since it is a demo, very little of what you actually do on the demo will go live, or change, but that isn’t the point. The point is to allow you to get a feel for the panel, its look, its functionality and begin chopping away at that learning curve.

As I mentioned above, each page, comes with a video tutorial along the top, to show you how to utilize the specific feature you’re in; even something as simple as chaning your password or updating your contact information comes with a video tutorial (yes, I looked at them all). There are the occasional pages that take you to the demo’s version of a non-accessible page.

Overall, cPanel’s ease of use for beginners, to unrestricted customization for advanced users, coupled with their support tools such as the video tutorial, makes them the best choice to fulfill Hostgator customers’ prerequisites of a control panel. Especially if you take into account the number of users who lack the expertise of Website Management, and need the knowledge and help, to reach a level of sufficiency themselves.

Where to Find Worry Free Web Hosting?

You have a website now and you worry that you won’t find a good company to host it on. Well the time to find the company you need to stick with for a long time. You first need to find a company that is the leading provider and servers thousands of customers. Hostgator is a company that’s famous and well known to all website owners. This company has actually won a huge number of awards for its professional service and could offer you services which you need in order to boost your online business and improve your income.

Well known states for hosting companies, Texas, Dallas. Hostgator has been around for over 12 years and they still go strong. They server over 400,000 websites and it’s still growing. They are also massively considered to be the foremost provider of reseller accounts in the whole world. Currently they supply hosting to more than 10,000 individual reseller customers. Hostgator offers numerous diverse hosting packages to its clientele from novice to experts. Hosting packages which is being offer at HostGator can be split further in 3 groups; standard shared web hosting plans (appropriate for the huge majority of people), reseller web hosting plans (these are mostly for businesses and individuals who wish to “resell” account resources to their very own customers), and last but not the least, dedicated servers plans (these kind of accounts offer customer their very own server, so they do not have to share its resources with anyone else). Very few of us would ever need a dedicated server so, this article will chiefly focus on Baby web hosting plans that offer by Hostgator.

There are three main shared web hosting plans of Hostgator are known as Hatchling, Baby and Swamp. For a detail list of features and a alongside comparison of all web hosting plans you must visit website of Hostgator. Below is a review of most significant features of “Baby” plan, this is perhaps the most appropriate package for lots of users, and it is also known as all-time favorite plan.

Disk space which is offered in Baby Plan is one hundred GB. This amount has been upgraded recently by Hostgator from five GB to a huge one hundred GB. Bandwidth is also from seventy five GB to a seemingly too much one thousands GB. However there is pretty much 0 chances of utilizing all of that, but it is nice to know that you absolutely will not be facing additional charges for going over the assigned limit, even if you’ve a really busy websites. There is a great free of cost program that permit you to design your website from very start with help of a tool which is known as Site Studio website builder. You have a huge number of templates and lots of color schemes too to select from. You need no previous experience in code writing knowledge or HTML. It provides the easiest way of designing a genuine professional looking website in a real short span of time. However, there is no requirement to take my word because Hostgator offer a demo version of software on their website!

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